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3Steps Mask Pack

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  • Material100% Bamboo Sheet
  • Weight24 g

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  • South Korea South Korea
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Product Detail Information




* All in one (Bubble cleanser + Ampoule + Facial Pack)

* High Functional Mask Pack

* Made in Korea




Market status and introduction purpose

1. All-in-one mask pack for cleansing, skin toning and moisturizing which reflected customer's needs.

2. Safe product using extracted herbal preservative from nature.

3. Upgraded 3-step mask pack with an addition of nutritional ample. 


Product characteristics

1. Safe product with natural preservatives - Zeolite, gallnut and other natural plant extract

2. 3-stage mask pack


3-stage skin improvement system

•1st stage) Foam Cleansing : Remove bodily waste and make up. Rich and creamy bubble cleansing releases skin from dryness.

•2nd stage) Ampoule : Use the ample for toning the skin after cleansing. 2 way functional product for skin wrinkle care and whitening. Apply and massage gently to the area which needs more care.

•3rd stage) Aqua Mask Pack : Deep sea mineral water and Aloe extract is added on the 100% bamboo sheet mask pack. And this moisturizes and soothes the skin.

3. Hypo-allergenic - 100% natural bamboo sheet



Characteristics of each product


1. Lin Aqua Mask Pack : Deep sea water and niacinamide 2% which helps skin moisturizing and whitening releases the skin from dryness.


2. Lin Vitamin Mask Pack : Lemon extract and niacinamide 2% which helps skin whitening keep the skin fresh and lively.


3. Lin Collagen Mask Pack : Collagen ingredient which prevents the skin from aging keep the skin resilient. Safe ingredient, vegetable Collagen from shikakai(acasia consinna), is contained.


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3Steps Mask Pack